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ElKaamoush co. for import and Export of Fish and Fishery products, founded in 1990 as a small firm, through those years we have been developed to be one of the biggest companies in the fish sector.

Now … Elkaamoush co. Is one of the leader producers and main exporter of fresh and frozen fish and fishery products in Egypt. After more than a decade and towards a twenty years of being in the business, we are proud of having a loyalty and satisfaction of our main clients around the world.

Our broad and multi disciplinary knowledge enable us to have comprehensive answers to the unlimited needs of our customers and world market. Since, its establishment in 1990, Elkaamoush co. committed to produce a verity of fishery products as frozen octopus and several types of chilled fresh fish.

For all the previous reasons we are considered as a trustful and strategic partner with a high level of commitment to our clients.

The processing plants located at Almaadia Fishing port, just 10 meters from the sea dock, this fishing port is one of the most important ports in Egypt , just 20 Km from Alexandria. Our facility has outstanding processing and freezing equipments with advanced technology, which permits us to ensure the maximum freshness and best quality of products.

We at ElKaamoush Co. have the capacity to process and freeze around (25) tons of finished products per day, which put us among your first choices of reliable business partners for large volumes.

We fulfill the programs of Quality Assurance, based on the requirements of the HACCP system, Good Manufacturing Practices and moving toward the new International Food Safety Standard ISO 22000:2005. Our Food Safety Management System is revised and enhanced constantly to ensure readiness and suitability which reflects our continual improvement policy.

Facility installations and methods of processing satisfy and conform the Codex Alimentarius, other international norms, and national regulations of food safety and human health considerations.

Safety of ElKaamoush Co. products verified by chemical and microbiological examinations through two highly equipped laboratories located within the facility and being managed by experienced veterinarians and chemical analysts.

Marketing and Sales are increasing and consolidation our participation in the European Union Market specially Italy, Spain, Greece, Malta, Turkey and Cyprus and other International markets. Appreciation of our products and the commercial commitment allow us to expanding in more countries and incorporating new clients.


In Pursuit of our company to ensure the Safety and quality of our products we took upon ourselves a food safety principle (From Farm to Fork) so we are certified for HACCP certificate for our Fishing Vessels which meets the requirements of Codex alimentarius Thus we became the first company obtained a HACCP certificate for Fishing Vessel at Egypt.

For the sake of our company to produce safe and high quality products which meet national and international standards, we succeeded to construct and maintain food safety management system based on the requirements of BRCGS Food Safety.

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